Cinco Stands and Rebar Stands
Flock Poly Tubing and Flame Retardant
Preservatives Remaoval Bags and Retail Items
Christmas Tree Banners
Christmas Tree Netting and Balers
Twine Trunk Ties and Ring Knives
Twine Trunk Ties and Ring Knives

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Pursell Manufacturing offers Christmas tree lot supplies including a variety of christmas tree stands (TRU-CUT Wood Stands, Rebar Stands, Cinco Stands), flock, preservative, removal bags, poly tubing, flame retardant, wreath rings, pine cones, banners, tags, and much more.

With any order over $1,900 within the continental United States. Customers in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Florida may incur a small freight charge. But this will be a 90% discount from regular freight charges. Not quite free, but almost!
Know your delivered price!
Pursell Manufacturing includes shipping and handling in our prices so there are no surprises when you get your bill or statement. Many companies advertise what appears to be a low price, but hide additional shipping charges for you to discover later. In order to TRULY compare our low prices, be sure to…


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Pursell Manufacturing Distribution Facility

Our 32,500 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility on four industrial acres in Poncha Springs, CO


Pursell Family

The Pursell Family

"Commitment to quality and service has made Pursell Manufacturing a leader in Christmas products since 1968. When you call, we respond. We take pride in providing the finest service the industry has ever known. It is no wonder that wholesalers and retailers requiring top quality and service at the best price, choose Pursell Manufacturing. Our company was founded on diligence and customer service, and continues to thrive because of our commitment to these priorities. We look forward to serving you this Holiday season.


Pricing Guide
The bigger your order gets, the smaller our prices will be. Our prices go down as each order (total combined invoice) reaches the $3,800 or $7,500 break point. Each shipment will be treated as an individual order. You will find pricing tables similar to the one below in the pages of this catalog including a Dealer Price (for orders under $3,800), a discounted price for orders above $3,800, and an even bigger discount for orders over $7,500. This pricing system is illustrated below. If your volume is significantly beyond these figures, please call for custom truckload pricing

Pricing Information Example (per each)
Removal Bags
Removal Bags, Heavy Duty (.9mil)
Removal Bags, Regular (.75 mil)
Removal Bags, Jumbo 144" circ. x 114" tall

Note: Some listed prices are subject to change due to sudden market fluctuations. We try to maintain inventories that prevent price changes, but we will inform you of changes in product prices if necessary as you order.

* Customers in the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and Florida may incur a small freight charge. But this will
be only 10% of ordinary freight charges. Not quite free, but almost.

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