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"TnT" Sales represents a family of quality growers across the country and specializes in palletized delivery of trees both direct to the warehouse or direct to your store. All companies have a proven record of quality product and exceptional service. As your representative to these growers, "TnT" Sales supplies an additional layer of service with no additional cost to you. In most cases we have representatives at the farms during the loading process to ensure a smooth season for everyone. Although we believe that pallets are the best value for most of our customers, loose loaded tree delivery is also available. Contact us for any additional information you might need.

The Benefits of Pallet Delivery

The pallets save each of your stores the hand labor to unload the trees at each delivery location. One man on a small forklift can unload a truck in 30-40 minutes. For the past two years we have been providing a new program with shipments direct to the grocery warehouses. The pallets are then dispensed for delivery to stores on their weekly trucks. This allows the very small stores to offer trees when they haven’t been able to in the past because of minimum order requirements and for large stores to spread their shipment out over a two or three week period. This program has been very successful and has already expanded again for this year. Although the warehouse staff was very hesitant at first, they are now some of our biggest supporters.


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